Sonoma Ridge Capital, LLC

Sonoma Ridge Capital, LLC (SRC), is a relationship-based firm arranging short-term commercial mortgage financing from $1 to $3 million, and may participate with like-minded capital providers on financing opportunities greater than $3 million. SRC partners with clients to provide senior debt capital, and prides itself in knowing what Borrowers need from their Capital Partner. Because SRC is not a bank, it takes an entrepreneurial business approach to underwriting decisions and capital structuring. SRC is a Private Money Lender which allows for a great deal of flexibility in offering both traditional and non-traditional financing on a National basis.

The professionals at SRC come from diverse backgrounds which enables specialization in areas of origination, due diligence, capital structure, implementation and follow up, and customer relations. All managing partners are entrepreneurs from various enterprises and are fully aware that lending has a human side to understand along with the technical aspects of each opportunity. It is SRC’s belief that only when the client succeeds first will SRC reach its goals for success. SRC currently manages Sonoma Ridge Partners, LLC, a national senior debt fund targeting emerging and mid-market commercial properties